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“Caregiving is seldom an easy journey.  It can, however, always be a healing one.”                                                                                       – Kevin Sharpe

How many of us truly understand – truly accept in our hearts – that profound healing is needed as much for the caregiver as for the one receiving care?

So often we think of healing and caregiving only in light of the one receiving the care. Yet this kind of “tunnel vision” is dangerous for the caregiver. It sets the caregiver up to experience huge amounts of unnecessary pain and trauma and fear.

The act of caregiving is a journey that offers incredible potential for a mutual or reciprocal healing – the healing of the one receiving care and the healing of the caregiver, too.

This healing journey is always offered for both. Unfortunately it’s not always an awareness perceived as a possibility by the caregiver. It’s not always a choice accepted as something that can really happen. It’s not always a journey taken.

Kevin Sharpe is an author, a speaker, and a teacher who is also a full-time caregiver. He’s been broken by the stress of the experience. But he’s also walked the path of the healing journey that caregiving offers each one of us. His story reveals how caregiving is a spirit of hope, when life can feel utterly hopeless; how it is a spirit of healing, when brokenness can feel like the only thing real in life; and how it is a spirit of blessing, when life can feel too much like burden.

“Here’s my purpose right now,” says Kevin, “to reach out my hand to caregivers and walk with them on this very big, yet most intimate journey. I know from personal experience that it’s a journey that can lead to healing for anyone who chooses to take it. It’s a journey that leads us deeply into our inner landscape, healing our brokenness, so we can look into the eyes of others and bear witness for their own healing.”

Whether that feels too big, or too scary, or just right, know that this healing journey calls out to each of us. As Kevin says time and again, “We only have to accept it.”

Take some time to explore Kevin’s site. You’ll find ways to educate yourself, your family, your friends, your colleagues, your communities about healing through the stress of caregiving. You’ll learn about ways to support this mutuality and reciprocity that heals the caregiver from a place of deep brokenness into a place of rich blessing.

Here is where caregivers and those who support caregivers can find tools and information and learning opportunities that will serve this healing journey of caregiving.

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