Online Courses

The online courses provided through this website are supportive resources for any caregiver, particularly those caregivers who can’t physically participate in one of Kevin’s trainings or workshops.

Currently the first in a series of six online courses is available. Each online course focuses on one of the chapters in Kevin’s book  I Am Here: The Healing Journey of Caregiving. As such, each of these online courses serves as a great way for you to work with and integrate the information in the book.

These are self-paced online courses. That means that you can move through the different modules as slowly or as quickly as you wish – according to your own schedule.

To begin the free online course, you’ll just need to register by typing your email address below the appropriate course and clicking “Register”. After you’ve confirmed your email address, click on the “continue to our website” button in order to start the free online course.


Online Course 1
The Healing Journey of the Caregiver




Online Course 2
I Am Here for You

Coming Soon