Kevin Sharpe trains clergy and professional caregivers in the development and use of a contemplative-based skill set along with the cultivation of specific qualities that serve to support caregivers and others heal through the stress and trauma of giving care.

These trainings focus on the inner landscape and how it opens up into a milieu of healing. Participants also receive in-depth understanding of the tools or skills needed for its exploration as well as how to use these to support caregivers in their own healing journey.

Kevin creates an engaging, experiential learning environment for participants – one that serves to ensure that participants are able to integrate these new skills and complete the training both comfortable and familiar with the skills in order to fully support the healing journey of other caregivers as well as those who receive care.

Training Overview

The complete training consists of three modules. Each module builds upon the previous module. Here is a look at the elements of each module.

Module 1 – The Landscapes

This module focuses on the two landscapes that each caregiver experiences: the outer landscape and the inner landscape. Participants spend time experientially understanding the qualities and features of each, including how they may impact the whole person of the caregiver.

Module 2 – The Tools

During the time devoted to this module, participants learn about the tools necessary to access, explore, and heal within the inner landscape of the caregiver. This involves both learning technique and gaining experience with the techniques in order to be able to support caregivers on their own journeys of healing.

Module 3 – The Healing Place

Here is where we integrate all that has been taught in Modules 1 and 2. Participants complete this module able to support caregivers heal through their stress using their inner landscape. As this happens, caregivers are, in turn, better able to truly support healing in those to whom they’re giving care.

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